My love and interest for tea comes from the time I have begun an amazing experience, by spending time in the mountains with picking fresh aromatic plants and prepare a tea blend from the plants and flowers of my choice from the jars full of hand-selected herbs, unequaled in taste, aroma and color. I Feel and smell the nature in my cup of tea.
When I started to think about my own tea journey, I came to realize that I enjoy to make and test new tea blend. I have started to learn more about herbs and flowers, how to mix them for making tea blend with specific benefit.
As I love what I do to put my name "Anousha” on it. It took an idea, a bunch of courage and joy to combine tea with art and nature. I’ve developed a love affair with my career and I want everyone to feel this way and see my passion on Tea, Art and Nature.
Today, Anousha Tea offers the finest, organically grown teas both in its pure form and blends, that bringing you on a journey from some of the most beautiful nature from different regions in the world to your cup.