Herbs Hunting & Tea Meditation organize by Anousha Radzad of Anousha Tea

In this event,
🌻 we are going to learn what the earth provides us for having tasty and healing herbs that could be made into tea and collect the edible wild herbs.
🌻 and to create a meaningful moment from the simple and ordinary act of drinking a cup of tea.
🌻 we are going to make wild herbal tea with what earth provides around us and taking a moment and calm our mind with cup of tea while listening the singing of birds, the sound of water, and the sounds of the forest
🌻 and allow our mind and body just to simply slow down
🌻 and appreciate for the beauty and uniqueness of the present moment.

Suitable for everyone

What to Bring:
We will sit on the grass. Wear comfortable clothing and bring mat or something to sit on and bring happy open mind

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