Tea is a part of me. From the time I was a little girl, I drank black tea—with family, with friends, at celebrations, to relax, to welcome guests, to be energized. I also grew up with the flavor of bitter orange blossom in my tea. Every spring, the orange trees would bloom; the sweet, heady fragrance would fill the air, and my sisters and I would collect the blossoms for my mother to make orange blossom water and jam; she would also add it to black tea. I love black tea (and continue to drink it today), but I was searching for something more. 

My journey began in 2015 when, by chance, I spotted hikers picking herbs on Mount Tochal in Northern Iran and came upon other hikers who were picking herbs. They explained to me that it was the herb Stachys lavandulifolia (a.k.a.pink cotton lamb’s ear), which they called “chai kohi” or mountain tea in English. That day I found the “more” I was looking for and became fascinated by how the earth provides plants that not only have healing properties, but also taste so good as a cup of tea. I set out to learn about other herbs and their healing properties that I could collect to make other teas. 

Now I work with herbs every day! They are the secret of life, like a breath of fresh air for our bodies. They can cleanse your heart, that’s how well they work. You can feel nature working through your entire body.

To me, nature is sacred, and I feel deeply connected to it. So, I say thank you to every single herb that I pick, handling each one as gently as I would my own body.

I’m so sure of the quality and taste of these special herbal tea, that I’ve used my name for it: Anousha, which in Persian, means eternal, immortal, and everlasting and also means sweet, joy, and fortunate. Furthermore, the word “noush” is used as a toast to one’s health. 

As another personal touch, my logo is a bitter orange blossom (citrus aurantium amara), a five-petaled white flower, because it represents the very beginning of my tea journey and the roots from which my business was founded: natural products that bring feelings of happiness, health, and joy. 

I bring all of that together and say that Anousha Tea will bring you everlasting health, a sweet life, and feelings of joy. I hope you enjoy every cup of Anousha Tea that you brew. 

To your health,



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