Iced tea is a delicious way to stay cool and hydrated in the summer.
Any of Anousha tea blends can be enjoyed as a healthy iced tea,  but we recommend trying out our Bliss Tea.


  • Put 5 to 7gr of herbal tea into a 1 litre jug and fill with water
  • Leave it in the fridge for several hours to steep or would be better overnight


  • Put 4 to 5gr of herbal tea into a 1 litre jug and fill with freshly boiled water.
  • Leave to infuse for up to 10 minutes
  • Top up with two thirds cold water ( we would recommend brewing for another 10 minutes at this stage).
  • Then pour over ice before enjoying it

Iced tea will last in the fridge if sealed/covered for up to 3 days.



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