Relaxation Tea   


A Cup of Peace and Well-Being


A Cup of Peace and Well-Being

Our Relaxation herbal infusion are blend of herbs like Borage, Rose, Orange blossom, Stachys Lavandulifolia, Thyme and Lemon Verbena that designed to help you relax and give you feeling beautiful from the inside out.


Thyme, Lemon Verbena, Bitter Orange Blossom, Borage, Rose Petals, Stachys Lavandulifolia

Paper Package (Net. Weight 10g – that’s 7-10 cups)


Store tea in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

To retain freshness, any tea that contains flowers should be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed, airtight container that completely blocks light.

For learning how to make a delicious cup of loose tea, click here.  


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