Anousha Tea Story

Anousha tea is dedicated to sourcing authentic, loose-leaf herbs, directly from Georgian mountains and tea farms.

Our herbal teas are blended and crafted to nourish your mind and body at every moment as well as to support your digestion, energy, sleep, mood and Immune boosting.

I hope every cup of Anousha Tea that you drink brings you joy, peace, and health.

With love,



Love it! Enjoying Anousha Tea in Ventura, California USA. Amazing flavors and blends bring peace and relaxation...a beautiful thing! - Sid White
Unique and Delicious

Unique and Delicious

Yael Le

Anousha Tea is the best, every blend is unique and delicious! I'm obsessed with tea and this is as good as it gets! Highly recommended!

Beautiful Packaging

Beautiful Packaging

Zach Swinehart

I purchased a bunch of teas and tea blending ingredients from Anousha Tea for my girlfriend for her birthday and I was blown away by the care that was put into the ingredients and the beautiful packaging! My girlfriend loved the gift and we'll definitely be repeat customers once we manage to drink all this tea.

Full of Flavor

Full of Flavor

Marlee Kobzej

Yum yum! Anousha Teas are full of flavor and good things to make your cuppa the perfect cuppa every time. Anousha herself puts so much love and thought into her blends and it really shows through.


Bedtime Tea Story

Anousha Bedtime Tea Crafted with dreamy herbs, Chamomile, Peppermint, Primula, St. John’s wort, Linden from different regions of Georgia. Each herb in this blend helps you to naturally drift off into a peaceful rest. Bedtime Read more…

How to Make Best Iced Tea?

Iced tea is a delicious way to stay cool and hydrated in the summer.Any of Anousha tea blends can be enjoyed as a healthy iced tea,  but we recommend trying out our Bliss Tea. OVERNIGHT METHOD Read more…

Immune-Boosting Tea

Make Your Own Boosting Herbal Tea with Fresh Ingredients Ginger root, fresh apple, quince, cinnamon, or natural honey with herbs that has natural remedies for a sore throat is one of the herbal blends that you Read more…